Passenger vehicles turn around before entering airport

Has anyone seen this before? I build a bunch of parking lots, public roads, and a down-ramp on to the public roads. I see a bunch of passenger vehicles enter via the main public road – but then promptly turn around and leave immediately after entering the world. I tried a whole bunch of different road configurations (all public) but the vehicles simply u-turn and then go home. Presumably this is part of the reason why my flights are missing a bunch of passengers and flights have started running late: the passengers are on the vehicles and refusing to enter the airport. Any insights?

I had this when i placed tunnel pieces without connecting them to road undergeound.

I have made sure the roads lead to a tunnel, and then more roads underground. I even got the same problem when I built the parking lots on the same level, connecting to the incoming road. Nothing works. Passengers and franchise staff stopped coming to the airport. Flights got delayed and my stores refused to open. When I deleted the parking lots and roads, passengers and staff arrived by subway and the airport could operate again.

Were the parking lots connected to the terminal by sidewalks?

Can we see a few more pics of your airport’s layout? Alpha 36 contains pathfinding tools so that you yourself can analyze this in more detail, but until then we’ll need to see some more screens.

@Olof Attached are two screenshots: the first is level 0, the second is level -1. Note the public road leading into the world, and the tunnel attached with public roads on either side leading to the parking lots, which are connected to the terminal by sidewalks (level -1). It’s possible that I did not construct the parking lots correctly. I had to destroy them since passengers and franchise were not coming to the airport, which meant all the stores closed and aircraft were delayed because of lack of passengers. The situation was resolved when I deleted all the parking lots and there were no more passenger vehicles trying to enter the world. (I also uploaded a bug report so you can see this yourself.)

I don’t see any bus stops, taxi stops or car drop off. Not everybody will arrive by car and park. I’d start with a couple bus stops, then add some taxi stops, then some car stops, then car parks. When it gets really busy add a metro station entrance - one to start and add more as needed. Same for bus stops, you need more as the airport gets busier.

@DavidMarlor You’re right, there are no bus stops, taxi stops, or car drop offs. I’ll add those first and then link them to the public road, and see what happens. Thanks for the insight.

Try moving those unconnected construction delivery site and contractor dropoff site to a road connection. It won’t make a lot of sense to many, but anything unconnected can throw vehicle pathfinding off.

@dewitjur I had done that in a previous save. It didn’t work. I’ll trying David’s suggestion in a few hours and we’ll see how it goes.

Were your bus stops/taxi stops/car drop offs connected to the terminal building by footpaths? It seems like your parking lots aren’t (the left-most crosswalk doesn’t meet a footpath on the terminal-side of the road, and (I’m not 100% sure, but I believe) those that are placed between lots aren’t ‘found’ by passengers as paths.

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