Passenger riots

Feature request title:

Passenger Riots


In several places riots go on and it will be neat to see passengers riot and try to get in staff zones and climbing over fences.

Why it should be implemented:

It should be implemented because it would make the game more realistic.

Why would they be rioting in the first place

You sound like every airport around world have rioting passengers who try to get staff zone and climb over fences…

I haven’t seen or heard such a case in my entire life. The worst case I saw was mumbling passengers and maybe some fist fights but I have never seen an Apocalypse scenario in an airport within pandemic or zombie movies.



Why it should not be implemented:
This is ACEO, not Prison Architect. I guess we have more pressing matters like customs, parking, maybe railroad access or more planes or even passenger groups like families. I could even imagine airport hotels and air cargo.
I would not like a game where I have to deploy riot police to make my customers behave - unless I play Prison Architect, that is.



I wish we have a zombie mode :rofl:

No that doesn’t make the game more realistic.
I’m at airports almost every week and I never saw a riot there.

(What would make it more realistic if you could place things not only in 90°, I never saw an airpot with only 90° angles… but that’s something different)

There has been a few riots at airports and it should only be a rare occurrence with a option to add them when you create the world

If they do add it it sould be super rare

this could be coming in alpha 36; the panic update

id rather they put their energy into more things that you would more like find at airports


But… This doesn’t happen in airports…

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What country are you from where passenger riots at airports happen? Never heard of that.
I heard of ground personell, pilots or atc-personell protesting for better salary.
But even then passengers don’t riot, even if their flights are cancelled.

Just from my heart (I looked up the years though):

  • Bangkok (2008)
  • Hongkong (2019)
  • Barcelona (2019)
  • Zhengzhou (2014)

Are they riots?

The airports were closed and flights cancelled… so I think that counts

Could Hongkong and Barcelona rather have political reasons like people occupying the airport for sake of political independence? I just wonder but both cities with 2019 timetag and the currrent news make me think about other stuff than striking pilots. Still, could be strikers.

But that is so rare that it’s not worth working on… It wouldn’t ever happen in an average airport.

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strikes and protests might happen every now and then, but these things essentially never turn into a riot.

More importantly though, in the event of a strike/protest/‘riot’ it would be the authorities responsibility to respond with law enforcement, not the AirportCEO to respond with airport security.