Passenger Detail

I feel every passenger having the same general model is very bland looking and does not represent the millions of different people from around the world going through airports. I find it weird how everyone has the same short hairstyle and everyone is the same size. It is also impossible to distinguish between male and female passengers which is just a bit annoying to me. Having some uniqueness for passengers would be a great addition to ACEO.


Adding on to this, more types of people would be awesome to see. Providing wheelchair service for elderly or disabled passengers would be nice. It would require you to hire staff to push the wheelchairs. Also, adding children that walk around with their parents and siblings would be nice to see as well. Possibly even play rooms for them like some airports have.


I believe general person avatar graphics are being overhauled and I believe it’s coming sooner rather than later (although I’m not sure if it’ll be in 33, but I guess in the terminal update possibly).

Edit: Apologies, I just saw from trello that “overhauled person avatar graphics” is now being internally tested, so I guess it’s coming in 33 after all.


Sounds good. :smiley:

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