Passenger deboarding bug in remote stands in version 29.5.0

When passengers should deboard from the airplane in medium remote stands they don’t deboard correctly. They just appear in the air shuttle bus stops, in normal bus stops or, if there aren’t bus stops, in a corner of the terminal foundation. They pay money when deboard, but they don’t reach the air shuttle bus waiting near the plane. They appear in another place. Anyone had got my same bug? How can I solve it?

Hello, could you provide some screenshots from your remote stands and airport? Also you can check this out

Ohhhhkay… It is indeed a strange thing. I see 2 things may cause it;

  1. Close stand to flights and re-link stand, bus stop and boarding desk.
  2. Bus stop is right in front of another stand so it may cause this issue too. Either remove stand and build service road or move bus stop to somewhere else and build a service road connection.

But still, think @Fredrik should also take a look.

But passengers onboard in the correct way when the plane is in the remote stand that is near the terminal. But they can’t deboard normally. They appear just in the bus station. I tried also with another test airport and passengers did the same strange thing. So I think is a game bug.

Presumably already fixed … [ACEO-9613]

As Seraphin pointed out, I’d say upgrade to the latest version of the game and see if the issue persists! :slight_smile:

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