Passangers refuse to check in

They will not check in. I have checkin desks not showing flights biut I have signed contracts. Refuiling, services and deboarding are all fine but nobody checks in.

Do you have airport staff so the check-in desks are manned?
Otherwise can you show a screenshot of your stand, with its popup and of the check-in with the popup?

I have about 15 airport staff, they all sit in the staff room or info desk.

Can still send the screenshots, also of your zoning?

Stand : Screenshot - a4ba534e08fee95dc041d3fd1f54ce95 - Gyazo
Zone : Screenshot - 2dbcde79ec4e0882ab677b8f02ddb163 - Gyazo

All my check in desk say no flight

Same here

Very strange, I see nothing wrong.
Can you upload the savefile, so I can have a look at it?

Sorry How Do I do that?

You can find the savefile here:

On Windows:
Save file: C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves\SAVE FILE NAME

On macOS press Shift + Command + G and input the following to the input box:
Save file: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO/Saves

Then use a upload site with linkshare option.

PS. You have to upload the entire folder of that specific save file

I am not familiur with any Linkshare sites, could you link one please?

Gmail account? Then you can use Google drive.

or I’ve seen this one be used before on this forum; try that

There is only one file in it, you need to upload all the files in that folder.

This might be a stupid question, but have you scheduled a flight? Just want to be 100 percent sure.

Edit: Is the blue ATR in the picture the flight they will not check-in for?

yes its scheduled. the flight has arrived and is waiting for them to board.

sent to your email

Got the file, when I opened the savegame the plane was gone. (also nothing scheduled)

So I scheduled a small and medium stand and this happend.

All seems to be solved. Try reloading yours and see what happens.


Lovely, thank youvery much!