Only one road available?

I’ve been messing around with it for a few minutes now and it appears you can’t connect any roads you build to the outside, is this correct?

Hi @DetCord, hope you’re enjoying the game! :smiley: You can connect the ramp/tarmac roads to the outside roads by placing a road security checkpoint and connecting both roads to it! :wink: Does this answer your question?

No, my question refers to the inability to connect a primary road to the outside. By that I mean the only option available is to use the initial road provided that leads to the outside world, eg where PAX and construction crews spawn/come from.

So you want to have a second connection to the outside world? I’m afraid that that’s not possible (yet)…

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Im sure eventually someone will mod it if the devs dont beat them to it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d prefer to place the outside connection myself. Not being able to do so hampers construction as you have to build around an existing structure.

You can demolish all of the pre-existing road except it’s stub at the very border. So as Jeremy said, you’ll have to live with a predetermined position for the time being.


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