Only International Flights Available?

Why am I only getting international flights offered? I don’t have a single international gate. I tried all the airlines and literally all of them are international for some reason

I’m having the same issues. my airport is located in the pacific ocean (a fictional island) and not on any “land” on the map. I could be wrong but I think that might the issue for me. I think if your airport is in a country that doesn’t have any other domestic airport, this causes only international flights to be offered. if not then maybe a bug?

But im not 100% sure. any clarification on this would be great!

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

That issue keeps me currently away from playing.

I think it’s a bug but if it’s not I hope it’s fixed anyway. My airport is in a country with domestic flights and it sucks to not have them. I wanted a fair balance of both.

Domestic flight spawn ratio is lower than international flight spawn ratio. Unfortunalety until developers fix it, there won’t be much domestic flights.

I signed up around 20 airlines and they all have international flights, so I guess the ratio must be around 1000:1

Is there a way to tweak the spawn ratio in a json file before it gets fixed?

I am having this issue as well all my flights are international flights with small and medium stands and my airport is located in London, UK which has domestic routes it in

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