Oil crisis - how can I cease all fuel deliveries?

I just had my second Oil Crisis event.
After the first one, I have prepared by building two large tanks far away that should contain enough fuel to get through the crisis.
I have four small stands and a small fuel depot next to them.
I have not found any way to tell the small fuel depot not to ask for delivery once its empty. My tanker trucks should go to the far depot for refill. If I cancel the contract, my fuel sales cease as well because having a fuel contract is a prerequisite.

How can I stop buying fuel and just use up what I have?

As soon as the fuel crisis hits, close the fuel depots. Monitor the levels in your tankers, if one needs filling, open the depot and let it fill, then close the depot again. If the depot is closed, the fuel supplier won’t deliver (the tankers come to the gate, but turn back again).


Then i totally wish for an option where your fuel trucks can pick up fuel. But to not allow fuel to be delivered. This would also make sense for relocating a fuel depot. Not fun demolishing when it’s even 15% full.


This is a good point and something that has been overlooked. We’ll have a look at it.


you can say to only resupply at 0 precent no?

Yes, that is one way of delaying the resupply, but eventually you will reach empty, and at that point the Fuel Supplier will attempt to refill the storage tanks - at a very steep price. Hence the switching the Depot off.

I have managed to get through a 1 day 20 hour Fuel Crisis with a half-empty AvGas depot and one 3/4 full AvGas tanker; plus a full Medium Jet A-1 depot and four Jet A-1 tankers, with approx 50-85% fuel load each. Refuelling a GA plane only takes about 1% of the fuel from the AVGas tanker, and small Commercials 2-3% off a Jet A-1 tanker. Mediums are a bit more thirsty. I had a 12% full AvGas depot and the Jet A-1 depot and one of the tankers empty, and the others almost running on fumes when the Crisis ended.

I estimated that if I had let the Supplier refill the Medium Jet A-1 Depot at the inflated crisis prices, it would have cost me approx £340,000…

@Olof It gets VERY expensive. It often seems to result in an order to top them off at the height of the pricing as well.

I tend to switch off JetFuel fueling. GA I found mostly manages. I would put the approx cost at $500,000…

Even playing with the sliders, you can get an accidental refuel and there goes your budget.

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just put the restock at 0 and fill to at as low as it can go

A button to disable the deliveries for the fuel depot UI panel has been added for beta 3.3-0! :slight_smile:


I had this with a recent airport, I had to wait out 3 loans, very boring.

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