Object Healthbar and repair tool

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As we need to repair a lot of things all time it would be great to have the possibility to display the health of all objects. Currently this only affects stands and the airfield. I can image to expand the condition handling to bus-stops and car-dropoff too.
Anyway, currently it takes quite some time to identify and repair everything.

For the sake of repairing a tool would be cool. So instead of checking each item, one could select the repair tool and just click on every repairable item. This would heavily improve UX :slight_smile:

If you have the right board member, repairs are automatic at this time :slight_smile:
But having a maintenance overlay that shows the condition of all your repairables would be nice


I think there has to be a border between too much detail and too less detail. Because after a point user wouldn’t be able to catch up gameplay with these tiny details.

Which gives your board something to do. Better board members == more automation, so the player can decide where to automate.

Perhaps it’s getting a bit stale, but in this discussion i always bring up the game Distant Worlds. You can automate everything and fly around the galaxy in a single ship, or automate nothing and manage colonies, ship design, etc.

As soon as the employed people skill is taken into account it would benefit the game. For example, a poor “repair manager” will manage to keep up with the repair of let’s say 30% of all structures. So 70% left over to the player. A very good manager may pull of 75% and will iterate over all of them. In the end, all structures will always have at least 50% condition.

So many possibilities :smiley: At the end, we need a stable base for all of this.

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A repair overlay, like zones / baggage belts, etc. would be nice.

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