Non gatable air traffic

Can planes that have no room on the appointed Stand pls be appointed to another Stand by a player? maybe we can appoint park stands that we can connect to a landing strip, so we can see which planes to divert? Atm I am serving planes that are from 2 weeks ago.

It wouldn’t work. Baggage is already under way from passengers who checked in. There is a multitude of problems if you want to do this

Then maybe make something like a “merged” stand, so, merge stand X1 with X2, but keep them both labeled X1, all cargo and other stuff can still be linked to X1, only the plane is located on X2. Like, give the game a capacity on the plane stand of 1 plane, and on every merger add a cap of 1? make a button on the stand “demerge all stands” to get back to normal.

In real life gate changes happen too.
Baggage that is on its way should be stored at the baggage bay till the plane is either there or confirmed it will be there soon

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