No Passengers


Im having an issue where passengers arent arriving at the airport.

Here is an image showing I have plenty of taxi/car/bus stands and an underground parking complex in addition.


At a risk… you have opened the airport?

yeah, I have arriving passengers and aircraft but no departing passengers arrive for their flight

Did you set the terminal area since the last update?

What version are you playing?

  • Check your crosswalks. I see many people around bus stops on bottom row
  • Build some seatings and bathrooms. Maybe departing passengers are just waiting their check in desks to be opened.
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If I only have 1 terminal do I still need to do that?

Yes. I had the same problem. I have also only one big terminal.

Can you post a picture with the zones toggled?

Try adding a subway. Normally solves the problem for me.

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No Subways. You don’t have enough transit structures for people to arrive

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