No one buying from shops

i have shops setup and passengers run through them but dont buy anything not sure what to do here any idea’s how to fix this so they will buy things as it is tutorial number

Where did you place the shops? Can you show a screenshot of the terminal?

there placed right where you walk through to check-in as i seen in another video he got sales like crazy doing that

I get most of my sales from shops/food places that are placed in the secure zone.

I generally place them near gate areas, just after security or just before the secure exit.

Works a treat for me.

update moved them in to secure area but all they do is look and dont buy is there anything im missing?

update seems it was a tutorial bug i hit skipped and now the shops work and all

@commander2001 Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing, did you file an in-game bug report for this issue? If so could you please post the bug number here as a reference so @Alexander can look into it, or otherwise please file a bug report. Thanks!

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sorry its solved i had to adjust the spots


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