No Modding Button ingame?


I downloaded the game on steam yesterday and wanted to add workshop mods. As far as I read, I would have to activate them in-game via the Modding Menu. My problem is: I simply have no modding menu? What am I doing wrong? Do I have to activate something?

Hi and welcome to the game and forums.

Modding is currently only accessible on the Experimental branch and not main stream yet, though I think that will be soon.

To enable Mods, you would need to enable EXP branch and then you are not wrong, yes you do have to activate them and the bottom menu option on the middle section of the opening screen is where you do that.

Hope that helps?

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Can you tell me how I can enable the EXP brand?

Yeah, sure. In Steam, right click Airport CEO and select properties. Click the BETA tab and in the drop down you will find the EXP branch available.

Don’t try and have every MOD running at once, the game will look like it’s hanging upon load and could take a very long time to do so. Try with only a few to start I’d suggest and work from there.


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