No construction contracts available

I started a new game after after update 25 and there isn’t a construction contract available so I can’t start building. I’m guessing it’s because of the updated contract system. Anyone else have this issue after the update? I reinstalled to make sure there wasn’t a bad file on my end.

So you’re not playing modded? Base game? Also not experimental?

You could try clicking the ‘Regenerate contracts’ button in the F10 menu

Last time I restarted it took about two game days for a construction contract offer to appear.

Base game, main update branch on steam. F10 didn’t work. Gonna let the game run a few in game days.

Ok, looks like you have to wait for time to pass for the first contract to show up. Kinda dumb though. If I was a new player I would pause the game right away, look at the tutorial where the first thing is to sign a contract, see no contracts are available, and think the game is completely broken. :frowning:

It use to start with a basic construction and a basic fuel offer already there. It seems to have changed recently, although not sure if this was by design or just a minor bug.

Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into it. :slight_smile: