No boarding via bridges

Since I attached bridges to my Gates only arriving passengers are in the terminal, no more departing. All Planes leave w/O passengers… Any ideas?

Do you have a large airport? If so, click G and you can see how many people are in the airport, checked in, in a secure zone, and have boarded. In large airports, the security often gets backed up and they don’t make it past the secure zone. Also, if you use auto-planner, you can set either “prompt” or “always send away” to “always delay” so all planes will wait until everyone is boarded

Actually the passengers dont even arrive at the airport despite that i built a Subway Station. Any other hints for me?

subway stations, parking lots, Car/Taxi/Bus stops need to be connected by public walkways to the terminal entrance. If you just use concrete or asphalt that won’t work.

I assume you built a 2nd floor so the bridge is properly connected and can board/un-board PAX. Also did you have a look at the zones? Please share some daylight screenshots of the airport with zones (z-key) enables, also from the different floor levels so we are able to have a look at the layout and maybe are able to help.

For the future, if you have any support question please post it in the Support category, as the ‘Off topic’ category is not read that much.

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