No access to construction drop-off

Hello Guys,

in a stupid way I deleted a pice of public road which was directly on the drop-off zone for construction workers.

Now, I can’t build anything, including a public road to reconnect the drop-off zone to the road…
Is this a known error? Or is there a way to build a road without the drop-off zone.
Maybe it should be not possible to delete the roads directly connected to the workers zone… :wink:

Here you can see my little big problem. I didn’t found something which could help in F10 menu.

I’m playing on version 25.1.

Thank you.

Just build another one temporarily attached to a road somewhere, then remove it when things are back as you want it.

It could be so easy… Thank you this worked.

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What also works; F10 - uncheck “simulate building” ;).