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At the boarding desk there is the button to connect the airside bus stop to the desk, so it’s used to connect to a remote stand by bus. Without this bus connection PAX would need to walk, which they can’t (missing secure zoned sidewalk). That’s why no connection to the security check points exists.

Like, a specific bus?

You will also know a remote stand is truly remote enabled when the crosswalk disappears from the roadway on the stand.

How do they know they’re “remote”… I simply placed them… the secure zone was an attempt to overcome the security issue…

No … bus assignment is done automatically by availability.

Simply connect the boarding desk not only to the stand, but connect the boarding desk to the airside bus stop too …

That’s how “they” know, that it’s remote.

You’ll see, that this green connection line will be drawn via the bus stop afterwards, instead of directly as its now.

Alright, building a blank slate test game to figure this one out. Too many ideas going through my brain in that map at the same time. I don’t have a true test airport that’s alpha 30.

Remote stands:

  1. Build terminal, with secure zone; add boarding desk to secure zone.
  2. Build a remote passenger bus adjacent to the terminal, near the boarding desk, ensure there is a clear pathway (door) from the boarding desk to the bus. Also ensure the path to the bus stop and the bus stop are zoned as secure.
  3. Build your stand wherever you like, within reason for the distance
  4. Select your desired boarding desk; there are two buttons - one for connecting the desk to the stand, and another to connect it to a remote bus stop, should you wish this to be a remote gate. Connect it to the desired stand and bus stop (does not matter which order).

At this point, the security checkpoint for the boarding desk should pick up the gate as a gate “within its domain.”

  1. Ensure you have at least a parking lot or parking depot built, within relative distance to the bus stop and/or stand
  2. Ensure you have at least 1 airside shuttle bus purchased, and station it either at the stand or the lot/depot.
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Alright, remotes stand working perfectly. With everything parked on the stand, pondering the point of the parking lots. might add to the distance, but at least i know I"m going to get the same distance every time…

Hmm… now I wonder why one wouldn’t build a ramp agent “break room” with all the service car stops lined up around it…

Any observations thus far on the number of airside bus stops per stand? 1:1, 1:2? I think 1:3 pushes it a lot.

With everything parked on the stand, pondering the point of the parking lots. might add to the distance, but at least i know I"m going to get the same distance every time…

Because parking lots do a damn fine job of working as back-up to the buses stationed on the stands. Watching the game in action from a fresh build, it’s actually quite astounding how well the mechanics of it all work… the buses get backed up… while waiting another bus is dispatched… sometimes the baggage truck will turn right into the baggage pickup fromt eh offloading area, depending on the timing… it’s really well done. … /tiphat

You can take a look at this:

Watched it. They’re working perfectly.

100 gates in an area that fits on the screen… Still have to figure some things out for baggage bays and ramp workers, but the footprint is stupidly smaller.

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And now I also note that vehicles will now pass others instead of waiting. It’s still delayed. Is there anyway to decrease the “wait time” for vehicles to pass. It’d be more intuitive… drivers would gauge that need naturally.

I’d call the one bus stop and two stands a failure in efficiency. It makes for too many errors in pathing for too many objects…

We’re looking into a few other solutions to remote stands rather than the current setup. While, with Alpha 30.0-2, most remote stands bugs are finally flushed out, I agree we may need some new behavior to mitigate the issues you’re mentioning. I agree, it’s not optimal but it is indeed tricky… :stuck_out_tongue:

I will think about this when I go to sleep this weekend.

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One of the problems with the current stops is the required size being 4 squares, yet the bus only needs 3. A 33% reduction in the required real-estate for bus stops would be a substantial increase in the number of remotes stands one is able to squeeze in. One of the obstacles I ran into in trying to build the 100 remote stand airport shown on a different post was the sheer volume of 4 square length bus stops required. The ramp agent thing and baggage bays are a different topic I’m playing with. Not looking for any changes or anything. Just observations that I enjoy requiring me to re-evaulate my entire thinking on the approach to a given problem. This game does that repeatedly, and I love it.

Hopefully in the future it could come closer to something like this where the bus can pull through?

Definitely appears to save space in comparison to the current set up. I also like this example as another reason why one-way service/regular roads will be very useful in the future.


I was thinking that myself, but didn’t know if it was even remotely accurate in real life. I’m fascinated by this big giant open terminal instead of the long hallways we have here in the US. I can’t seem to ever get my contracts for shops to work, but if it’s entirely based upon fun, then the passengers don’t have time to satisfy that once the bladder, hunger, tired is in place from the walk before they have to board. If they dn’t have to walk anywhere to wait, then the other stuff can be resolved with the passenger having time to address the fun issue.

One problem I have had pertaining to remote stands is that the buses wait until everyone is boarded while some passengers are eating in a cafe or sitting in a seat, delaying the flight. I am using the latest version of Alpha 29.

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I have that problem on the connected stands too…

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