New player-some ideas

Hi have been playing for a few weeks and love most features of the game. I used to play the old Airport Inc/Airport Tycoon 10+ years ago. That was very playable but with graphics of its time. So some ideas…

Turnaround times- we really need to sort this out 30 min for small stands, 1 hour for medium stands, and 2 for when we get bigger stands, or a similar time anyway. Perhaps buying a better control tower unlocks this?

Would it make the game run faster if, and we could have bigger airports, we could run it with a roof on the terminal so we don’t have to see every pax and staff member.

Addition of airport maintain depot with snow ploughs, maint vehicles? Similar request for plane maintain and eventually hangars.We have GA aircraft on small stands but can we have executive jets for medium stands? Surely would not take much even if it was just executive versions of 737/A320/CRJ? Plus dedicated VIP terminal.Cargo terminal and cargo wharehouses needed. Dedicated cargo stand areas for cargo only flights. Would also love to see hotels, car parks, fuel stations, drive through’s all adding to revenue and contracts.

I know that’s loads of ideas, and these games have massive potential, but loving what has been done so far.


Welcome new guy, love the ideas, roof is already under way thx to Multi floors. Other features can be voted upon if you put them in the feature voting section. You might wonna read through them i believe most of these are in there somewhere.


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