New Performance Updates works

As you can see, i can play an Airport with 14000 passengers. Yes, it laggs, but on older updates,this would make my game crash. Good Job!!!

52 Medium Stands
18 small Stands
700 workers
Airport worth: currently 21.000.000$ (increasing as terminal 2 has no baggage system yet), terminal 3 is planned…
I manually increased the area in the savefiles.


Nice! Mind if I ask what your processor and graphics card are? I have a similarly-sized airport, but I run it on 40% pax capacity so as not to wear my patience thin LOL.

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i7 3770 3,4GHz
GTX 1060 6GB

i do 100% pax capacity, maybe i should decrease it when i build the next terminal

Alas, I am in agreement, I have been adding stands and am currently at 36 medium stands, ~800 employees, and I have seen 6000 passengers with 3000 pieces of luggage and when the airport closes, the baggage will drop to 12. I have a 4 year old non-gaming laptop. Previous version would have caused my computer to throw itself out the window with this load.

I have also found that my performance drastically improves the more I make the passenger throughput to as close to as few decisions as possible. So, bathrooms are located immediately after the security check, followed by the non-choice walk-through area of the shops, then the food, then a simple pathing decision to find the line to the gate. If PAX have to make multiple u-shaped movement choices, it slows it a lot and increases the time the PAX are in the terminal.

I’ve also found that runway construction plays a huge roll in this process. All of my 4 arriving runways point to the upper right corner of the map, they all exit within a very short distance of each other onto the taxiway and I can have every jet on the ground and only 1-2 of them having stopped movement toward their gate.

Departures are the same way. There can’t be choices to take the much farther away runway for take-offs or landings. If they do, inevitably, that single choice for a plan to taxi the full distance of the airport can cause numerous other jets to sit idle until it passes by.

I am in agreement with the well done.

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I have a genuine crap graphics card (probably an intel) and this causes me to experience low frame rates on video games. For example, In Cities: Skylines, I had a small city of 3000 and my game would take ages to load it in, as well as freezing my computer a couple of times. Meanwhile, in AirportCEO, I have an airport with about 2.5k passengers each day and it’s slow, but it’s still playable.

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Nice reports all :smiley:

@Baumbart2012 seems your planes have some routing issues, not?