New Bug or Glitch?

I don’t know if anyone is aware of this bug but I had a bathroom in my airport before security and tons of passengers got stuck there causing them to miss their flight. Once I clicked on the bathroom all the passengers left. Are the devs aware of this? Is there a fix? Are they working on a fix? The pic below is everyone leaving. There was about 10K people in the room.

10.000 pax with 20 toilets is 500 waiting turns.
My guess is they wait for a vacancy too long. Have you tried installing extra toilets? You probly need only about 250 as a shortage tends to bottleneck them.

Thanks, I’ll try adding more toilets later.

But why would they leave after I clicked the bathroom?

Very difficult to tell, but I don’t think you have enough transport running to your airport?

Lol @ those small toilets.

Besides that, your security stations are all undermanned.

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No, we’re not aware of this as we haven’t seen any other reports on an issue like this. You say they all left once you simply opened the bathroom panel? I’d suggest sending in a bug report with this save so that we can take a look on the save and on the log.

Sorry. haven’t been on this in a while. The security stations being undermanned was just like that when I took a screenshot they usually work fine. Ill send in a bug report later.

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