Need To Make All Passengers Disappear

Yeah, I know the game has the “Send All Passengers Home” in the F10 Debug menu. Unfortunately, when dealing with thousands of passengers (thereby killing FPS), thos going-home passengers are still rendered and tracked and effect the frame-rate.

We need to make them just disappear. Add a feature in the F10 debug menu such that, when selected, every passenger is simply gone. Poof. No “Going Home”. Just instantly GONE. If they have baggage associated with them (inbound or outbound), it disappears as well so as not to orphan it. I would use it during the restricted hours so as not impact flights.

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Please do not spend time implementing this workaround for people who cant wait and spend your time adding value.


Maybe some folks won’t use it. For those us who will, it’;s a good thing. My airport has 18,000 passengers. That’s not a typo. I want to be rid of them, but that number of pax is killing my FPS such that F10 (Send Passengers Home) is unresponsive. Takes over 6 minutes to load the airport. My PersonData.json file is almost 55 million characters.

@pderuiter, you may choose not to use the function. Others may find it handy.

could of said it a bit nicer

cmon, calm down a bit

Right people. Let’s keep calm.

My wording was perhaps not the nicest. We all have opinions, and neither is more important.

Although i would like you to consider that you are not alone. The devs have many priorities and spending time on a feature that only few will use is counter productive.


I quite agree. It would be nice to add this to the New Features list for future development, if they warrant it. For now, my current playthrough is unusable. I have over $25 million in the bank and earn $75k per hour; unusable. I just set Passengers per Flight to 2%; maybe, in time, that will resolve the issue. Lord knows, I don’t need the money from passengers.

In the meanwhile, I have another true bug report to fill out and submit on another issue.


Well, my work-around was to edit PersonData.json to eliminate the entire Passengers[] data structure. Upon starting the game, it was smooth again. However, within about 30 minutes (real time), I had over 4000 passengers again, even after setting the Passengers slider to 50%.

Given the simplicity of my solution and as a developer for many decades (C#, C++, C, assembler, others), I envision that implementing such a fix in game it would be quite simple to clear the internal game passenger data structure::

  1. About 30 minutes to code and development test, including UI update to add button to F10 Debug menu
  2. About an hour for final acceptance testing, configuration management, library check-in utilizing a rigorous change management system.

18,000! My FPS is crawling with 5,000! Can’t imagine trying to play with that many ppl rendered.

I fixed this by closing bus depots. They get stuck in their location and the busses don’t come to get them. Make sure you have a subway tunnel. They’ll nearly all go there. I went from 38,000 passengers to 400 in about 20 minutes of methodically closing them and making them all go home.

I too was in need of this feature. Especially since being patient only took me from 20k to 38k passengers because my airport staff doesn’t go to the gates. This brought my FPS to a crawl as well.

Blockquote Please do not spend time implementing this workaround for people who cant wait and spend your time adding value

Yup, harsh for the moderator to respond in such way. It was a valid suggestion over a problem many may be having in huge airports with the current pathing problems. Would have been more kind to just move along to the next post. @olaf

@dallas To remove all passengers from the airport when F10 isn’t a option do the following:

  1. Go to save files: %appdata%\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves\
  2. Open the folder with the name of your save game.
  3. Open PersonData.json.
  4. Replace everything in the file with this: {"passengers":[]} and save it.
  5. Done

That will also remove all employees, right?

Instead of “replace everything in the file” change it to “replace everything starting from passengers to employees, without the closing bracket” and employees won’t be removed.

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