Need a quick update on the current progress

I’m back! I kind off went away and wait until the release, but I was looking at my bookmarks, and decided to return.

What’s happened?
Did I miss something huge?
How close are we to the release?
Does everyone agree that the Swedish make the best games?

Plz answer! I cant be bothered to look back on everything

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very close but will no be the final copy

Never even knew you left random stranger on the internet! When did your hiatus begin, only then can you be told what you missed. There will be a game, and it will probably be within the next three months and it won’t contain everything everybody wants because that’s a million things…

You missed video 3

You can’t be bothered to read back a bit? We can’t be bothered to type up a summary for you…


I can understand you dont want to catch up on a months worth of forum posts, but reading the dev blogs should give a good idea of whats going on


Gave the topic a more relevant name // Mod

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The “more relevant name” implies it gives information rather than tries to take information…

Gave the topic an even more relevant name :wink: // Community Leader


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