My game crashes at the end of the loading screen


As the tittle suggests my game crashes at the end of the loading screen when I try to load my save. It crashes exactly at the moment when the loading screen should disappear to show the airport which means that I can see my airport and it looks fine but it keeps crashing. I tried to load different saves and it didn’t crash. I loaded my save when my game was already updated (but not the savefile) and then I saved my airport (which means that the savefile was updated) and after saving it I couldn’t reload it without crashing the game. I only edited ONCE my savefile and I only added 10bi to my account and it worked just fine. I have a GTX 1080, a Ryzen 5 1600X @ 3.3 GHz, 32 Gb of RAM and the game is on my SSD. I’m running Windows 10 Home and I bought the game on Steam.

Thanks for reading !

btw English isn’t my first language so if you don’t understand something, well, I can’t do anything. sorry

May I ask what you mean by “I only added 10bi to my account”? Did you add 10 billion of cash or something else?

Does the crash produce any log files or so?

There’s a fix out on 32 coming soon for 31 fixing an enum problem with really odl saves, that might have been the issue.

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