My airport has been nuked

Just loaded up an airport that I have been working on for days, and all of the buildings, stands, taxiways and runways I built are gone. However, the fuel trucks and ramp workers are still there, standing in the grass with nothing to do. Has anyone experienced this before?

Same Happened here…

Mine has as well, time to alert the devs… @Fredrik and @Olof???

I had the same problem.
Exit the Game, switch the Resolution, Load the Savegame, Exit the Game, switch to Original Resolution and load the Save Game.
It Works by me

Actually my airport just came back after reloading another old save that was in sandbox mode then going back to the non sandbox mode and it loaded. Seems to be just a bug.

ok wilco
edit: it works again!

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Restart Steam to get the fix. A critical bug was slipped through and did not show up in editor. Sorry about that.

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No problem, thanks for the amazing game!

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