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I have two entry points to the runway so that it makes it more easily accessible from different areas of the airport. But for some reason, when planes arrive at the second entry point, they continue to taxi down the runway, exit, and then proceed up to the original entry point and then take off. Both entry pojnts at the very beginning of the runway, facing each other.

Am I missing something here?

Example: The plane entering from the North will taxi down the runway and then back up the other side, and then enter the runway again from the South.

Are both entries set to ‘entry only’?

I’ve tried various combinations of entry/exit settings, but no change

what happens when you remove the onewaynode under your Southern entry?

The planes wait for ages and then take off as normal. I’ve removed the southern entry and then re-built it again, touch wood it seems to be functioning as normal for now. Thanks for the advice

Hmmm. Now I’ve saved and restarted the game it’s gone back to doing the same as before. Really strange…

Can i get a screenshot of all the taxiway between the stands and the runway? I’m gonna try to build a new airport to toy around taxipaths. I still cannot see wether there is a setup issue or a bug.

Thx, i couldn’t recreate it yesterday but i think i now know how to recreate it. I’ll post something if my findings have been confirmed ingame.

The eventual problem feels like a bug to me so i’ve submitted a ticked with my testsave (ACEO-15777)
You could redesign a bit to solve it, yet i believe your design should be made playable bugfree.

Here’s my explanation in the ticket so you can understand why it’s happenning.

Taxi pathfinding is currently not designed to properly handle an airport where flights need to take a detour around the runway. There are 2 parts described here: ariivals and departures.
When an arriving flight has slowed down enough on landing to start taxiing, it uses the first exit, even if this exit is on the wrong side of the runway. The flight has to cross the same runway afterwards wich could have been prevented if he took the correct side to exit to.
As for departures the system seems to be wanting to use the closest entry in proximity, not taking into account the flight has to go around, and cross the runway to get there while having passed a suitable entry wich the flights from stands on the other side are using properly.

I hope your problem gets solved soon.
@Fredrik if ACEO-15777 isn’t clear enough feel free to send me questions.
@Lingos9 it helps to submit a ticket with your save as well so they can analyse another build affected by this problem.

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Thanks so much. Will do.

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