More rooms

can we have some more rooms In the game like immigration, quarantine, cleaning rooms as there isn’t much space used by them making most of my airports look empty

also can you do something similar to how another brick in the mall handles rooms as sometimes I need to get rooms round a corner or not rectangular

if you have some more you would like can you comment

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I could think about Janitor Cleaning Closets. They bring rubbish from dustbins there, get new water and detergents for their mops and have a coffee break there.

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A coffee break in between the rubbish? Speaking like a true CEO!

I’m okay with new rooms as long as they have some game-play purpose, not only for decoration.
Your idea fits to the proposal to collect the garbage and bring it to the garbage depot (was that you?). Could be a trash container outside the terminal and a garbage truck collecting that…

I could also imagine some storage rooms for the shops and restaurants, don’t know.

What about lounges (rent them to airlines)…


The lounges idea is a good one - this could lead to 5-star flights for certain airlines that have a lounge at the airport. Storage rooms for stores as well. Somehow the goods need to be refilled. Maybe higher tiers of shops need this.

Lounges sounds excellent, though a requisite of five star airlines? Hmmmm, not sure about that. I’ve been to major airports that have flights from top tier carriers but no lounge at that particular airport.

Well, IF the program would divide passengers into poor and rich ones so flying economy class vs. business class and let them have different behavior, desires and money to spend - this would make sense.

Again, depends, I’ve flown budget and had complimentary lounge access. I’d fly a higher level for lounge access as they are wonderful to spend five hours awaiting your connecting flight.

And if the airlines were requesting this upon offering your contract? Like ‘no Olympus Organisation’ without having a lounge? Havanna as a budget line could care less to speak in game-terms.

That’s a better approach, if they request it (not always so) as apart of their contract.

Sometimes lounges are shared between airlines to save costs.
I don’t want lounges to be a show-stopper for an airline contract. They could be rented like restaurants (with airlines as contract partners), as an extension to the airline contract.

All of this has been already requested…

i also like the sound of lounges and possible could incorporate making deals with certain airlines for “premium” and not premium service maybe saying one can have food but must not have showers and the other has to have enerything

We could use the quarantine one right now. :slight_smile:

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