More realistic handling of stands

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In recent updates, APU generators and other technical trailers have been added. But they work so that the plane arrives and they appear from nowhere. I have an idea that they could be brought by separate trucks, eg a luggage model, but without their luggage trailers. This could be changed for more realistic airports.

I thing that’s good idea.

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they should be on a parking spot that is situated on the apron/aircraft stand. they are usualy dragged to the plane by the ramp agent by car or bij hand.


step by step!
For now they’ll “spawn” in an instant, but in the future we’ll definitely be looking into a better way of making them show up.

Maybe like Beumer said, have a ramp agent push it to the airplane :smiley:


agreed that it is not something for know. but the idea is nice

Agree! It would also add a level of “complexity” to place GSE parking lots every once in a while throughout the airport tarmac. Not doing so will result in delayed flights.

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Yes, they’re working about more important things, but mayby in next sesion of future voiting. I wrote here becouse it disturb me.

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Yup, that’s definitely what’s going to happen. Will see when I have the time to look at it, currently a lot happening to the stands, ATC and runways in general. With the addition of remote stands (soon complete for internal testing) we’ll need to add stand-assigned vehicles to avoid certain obvious bottle necks, those will utilize an on-stand parking system so I could probably fit in the detailing of moving APU/GPUs when implementing that. :slight_smile:


I like the idea and the solution is probably one of a few. Perhaps them being taken to remote stands from a general storage location but being readily available and just pushed to the aircraft at jetway stands would be good. Then they just get dragged away for maintenance etc.

Normally the cones and tape round some airplanes when unloading for.passengers are dragged out at remote stands by a ramp agent.

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