More Realistic animations

To make airport ceo the best game on the market I believe that many players will agree with me on the fact that we need to have more interesting and realistic ground and aircraft animations in the game.

When a fuel truck goes to refuel an aircraft it would be cool to see a ramp agent connect a fuel pipe to the aircraft when it delivers fuel, and connect to a resovior pipe for the fuel situated in the stand, as most fuel trucks dont have the capacity to fill up an aircraft in one go.

It would also be a nice toutch if when loading the baggage, a baggage belt is used to load all of the passengers bags on and maby in the future with cargo, a cargo loader is used to hual the big pallets onboard.

And finnaly to imporve the overall realism, it would be nice to see a pilot or pilots do the walk around check like it is done in real life, after all in real life the ramp agents dont check the aircraft like the pilots do.

It would also be nice to see animations from the people who deliver the food onboard, to be seen walking between the front and read doors of the aircraft moving the food carts onboard.

And when the deicing is implamented it would be nice to see the animation of the sprayers with there small truck mounted cranes, spraying off the aircraft.


This would be awesome, but only in a “super slow” time slot. Something lots of people already would like for their airport.

What do you mean by super slow time slot?

The animations would take the time it takes to omplete the action on the aircraft and prehaps a little longer for cleanup or set up.

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This because if you want to simulate this kind of behavior, it has to be possible to scale it up.

When you have 30 to 60 stands running this routine, your CPU will be completely jammed. But if you slow time and zoom in completely, this sounds awesome and not a problem for the CPU at all.

I agree, untill the game is hugely optimized the little details would be hard to fully implament into the game, but the simple things like pilots doing the walk around insted of rampies would be simple and the hose from the fuel truck would also be quite simple as it is already pretty much implamented into the game already.


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