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I thought I read somewhere that there is a way to increase the amount of land you can build on (through some sort of manual editing of the game files). I hope this makes sense. I am just wondering, if it is possible, how to unlock the feature? I see all these airport designs in the forum, and they look massive in comparison to what I am used to building on (the 4 locked squares), and am wondering if I am missing something or overestimating the size of these user submissions.


There are zones around the starting land that can be unlocked by purchasing them in game. Just click the yellow padlock. The map size was previously larger as well. It got changed a while back to help with performance.

If you do a little searching you should be able to find out how to unlock the areas outside of game but it’s not recommended as it might cause other unwanted issues relating to game performance. Hope that helps.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I thought there was a way to expand past the 4 squares in the game. After further searching on here, I think I came across old posts when there used to be 5 areas in the map, and then the tutorials regarding how to open those areas. Bummer that we cannot get more land to build our UNREALISTIC, ONE-FLOOR terminals on

Multi floor terminals are currently being worked on.

In the early versions of the game that were playable to the public, there was more area to build on (6 vs. 4 squares). This was pruned back a couple point (1.XX) patches ago due to performance. I cannot recall if they intend in the future to expand on this as performance is increased. If you’re curious do take a look at past dev posts.

There’s another way you could increase the size of the world, i believe, but you need to fiddle inside the save files. Inside the Save folder, there should be a file named GameData. Open that, and find a string of variables called WorldSize; x: 700; y: 700; z: 1. Changed the number to your liking.

Beware, poor performance ahead

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