More expenses than shown

The expected expenses are showing less expenses than the current hour is showing.

the total hourly estimate says I would have $ 2.083 of expenses, but the current hour shows I have $ 4.633 of expenses. This is more than twice as many. This makes it hard to control my budget and make a profit. :frowning:

I’m watching this screen too at my airport and it’s far from being accurate and useful. It needs a total overhaul.
I even saw that the simple subtraction of income and expenses is wrong and the displayed profit differs - by 1 $ which suggests a rounding error, but what is rounded here?

Most important IMHO is to see each transaction separate on a timeline. This aggregation by hour, day or year is not useful. I’d rather like to know how much did I spent on fuel and how much did I earn selling fuel since the last resupply.

Still I propose a csv- or excel export of the transactions, so we can create our own analyses.

This is planned for Alpha 34. We agree with the issues you both mention here and fixing it is part of the economy overhaul and balancing in Alpha 34.


Good to hear. Looking forward to it.

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