More buses pls

So i had 4 busstops that was full each had 250 pax waiting for a bus service that obviously needs to come more often.
250x4=1000 pax waiting, i closed them. And everyone ofc needed to go to the WC :joy:

You can build more bus stops… I believe that´s the way how it should work: a bus stop can handle X amount of pax.

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True, guess i’ll have to do that. I need a bigger map XD, PS: i do have more than 4 bus stops.

You can create bus stops on -1 and -2 floors :wink:

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I like that IDEA :smiley:

Actually, I would love to get more bus as my airport hast not a realistic vehicle flow.
As you can see in the picture bellow, parking lots are just empty (top = short, bottom = long stay). I believe that increasing the number of bus may introduce more lag in low end configs. However, players have the possibility to decide the passenger ratio in the settings. It would be great that the number of vehicle also increase when players decide to play with a higher % ratio.

Bru the answer is subways. I had all my bus stops full and I added a single subway and it fixed it all

I do also believe the flow needs balancing, i did add double the bus stops, it helped a lot. But i already have like 14 subways, and i had 6 bus stops, now i added like 10 more, because those 6 where kinda always full.

well, yeah, i can add more subways, but it is just not realistic to have 40 subway entrances. In my case, i already have 16 entrances, which, i believe, is already a lot (i only have 14 bus lanes).
Moreover, the parking lots show the clear unbalances ratio between pax/vehicles as one would be largely enough for my airport with 24 large stand.

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