Modding custom contractor?

I was wondering if its possible to make my own custom contractor for my single player Airport ceo game or not? and if so where might I find the files to do so?

it is quite simple…
first, go to %appdata%\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Mods
and make there a new folder…

inside that folder there should be 2 files and one other folder:
ModData.json and a icon.png - you can use them from the example mod airlines…

structure should look for contractor later like this:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Mods\Modname\Companies\Contractor and inside the contractor folder you have a icon png with 512x512 pixel and a json file…

and this json file should look like this:

“name”: “Alpinice AG”,
“description”: “Alpinice AG, founded 1897, is a local construction company from Grindelwald, Switzerland”,
“logoPath”: “alpinice.png”,
“businessClass”: 1,
“businessType”: 1,
“CEOName”: “Ueli Schlunegger”,
“region”: “Europe”

is it possible to set amount of contractor workers or?

that isn’t possible. ACEOMM2 will probably include a function to easily create these kind of businesses via a GUI instead of fiddling with JSON files

Perhaps make it a three star company. I’ve noticed o e of the vanilla construction companies has changed to 2 stars and offers a luttle mire from that now.

yeah, i think that has some influence but you can’t set the number of contractors and the price exactly

Business Class will dictate the maximum amount of contractors. So one star contractor might have 50 whereas a five star could have 250. Numbers pulled from nowhere. Just placeholders.

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So no way to modify values for that?

Not that I’m aware no.

Any idea what max amount of contractors is at 5* company?
My personal maximum is 177, after l’ve signed, cancelled, signed again, … , several times…

I’ve not I’m afraid. I thought I read somewhere that five star contractors were around the 200 mark. I did say my numbers were made up but roughly based on what I thought I’d read through the forum posts.

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