[Mod] AirportCEOTweaks 2.3.0: Perks of Unemployment

The just-in-time pushback suprisingly works very realistically now :smiley: I fly a lot and almost never see a plane being pushed back exactly at its scheduled departure time, it’s usually 5-10 minutes past (unless there is an actual delay). :slight_smile:

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Sadly the new logic causes delays with remote stands. Busses depart very late even when all pax are on the bus.

I prefer the old variant for the game, that a plane leaves whenever it’s ready. It’s not realistic but it keeps a big airport more stable.

For the Cargo flights, the new logic is of course needed.

@andyc That’s true with the remote stands - I started to design airports so that the gate is very close to the stand to minimise the delay.

@zekew11 it would be great to have some optionality here - maybe a slider to determime when the pushback should be initiated?

Also for the very long turnover flights - would it be possible to have the check-in closer to the flight departure? I schedule some flights arriving at 22:00 and leaving at 6:00 and the check-in for those starts too early - usually even before the arrival time. Then PAX spend the whole night waiting at the airport with shops closed.

Simple solutions are great. The new logic only triggers for cargo flights. Should have done that a while ago…


I am pleased to confirm that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

  • The flight-types system is dead and a system much more flexible and robust is in its place. The data driving the system is more granular and is formatted in such a way that I will likely make it JSON-moddable in the future.
  • Turnaround data is now saved per-flight, representing the first implementation of save/load functionality in Tweaks. This major technical milestone brought to you mostly by @humoresque. This allows me to pull a lot of code (kicking and screaming) into the world of being able to reliably know what happened 15 seconds ago.
  • A bunch of optional parameters can be loaded for individual airlines from json. This is meant to make destination nationality customizable by mod authors, rather than trying to have catch-all settings. The system has a lot of room to grow to add more functionality down the line.
  • “Livery Tools”

The many marriages between new code and old code are not yet what they should be; this and bugfixing are the remaining time consuming items. I also keep finding that I’m fixing an interaction with old code that could use some improvement, and then I rewrite another thing…


Do you think you could add the following feature:
Determine whether a company contract offers domestic or international flights? Or maybe determine what percentage of domestic/international flights are offered by a company?

Do you think you could add the following feature:
Determine whether a company contract offers domestic or international flights? Or maybe determine what percentage of domestic/international flights are offered by a company?

  • The ability for a mod author to determine/set if an airline operates internationally will be in the next update.

  • The ability for a player to determine/find-out if a contract offers international flights is a QoL feature I intend to add. The upcoming update is a major revision; several smaller updates will follow it which will focus on QoL and bugfixes as needed.

Thanks for the feedback!


Firstly great work! I think it would be really popular to have the ability to select specific features without needing to use them all. Particularly the concept of rolling contracts on flights that expiry only once their is a continued failure to meet the contract (dropping a flight manually on the planning and it continues to renew unless there is an issue). This is a feature lacking in Airport CEO but has been a regular, popular topic in the forums :slight_smile: “Minimum satisfaction” of say 50% could trigger if a recurring flight continues to operate or cancelled from the planner. This indirectly would also allow slot controls and staggering of flights, removing the burden of this in larger airports, where there is the choice of a lot of manual work to stagger flights every few days, or allow the auto planning to cluster too many together automatically.


So I Lied…

I have not spent the last 4 months (just) re-writing the turnaround code. I started doing that, got bored, and decided to add new aircraft types. Then I rewrote the turnaround code. I’ve pretty much forgotten what this update was supposed to be about. Adding new planes was hard.

To be clear, these are not mere re-skins. All of the relevant data is changed to reflect a new aircraft type just like if the plane was added to vanilla.

Current type list

Some of these contain sub-types

  • A318
  • A319neo
  • A320neo
  • A321new
  • 737-700
  • 737MAX7
  • 737MAX8
  • 727-200
  • 757-300
  • Challenger 650
  • CRJ900
  • CRJ1000
  • E290
  • E295
  • Q100/200
How I feel every time a *new* plane lands in my test save

Its Happening Friday GIF - Its Happening Friday GIFs|833x468.5625

My Baby

I’ve worked on the visuals for the 727 featured in this post for over 3 months now. She’s my first project at this level of detail. I’m very happy with the finished product and also know that I could easily spend another 4 months cleaning up after my own inexperience.

There will be a change log below and in the main post. I anticipate that folks will be eager to try out the new aircraft types. Two very important things to know:

  • You must subscribe to and enable ACEO Tweaks Aircraft Pack to actually load any new types
  • Until airline mods implement them, the new types will only spawn via the debug menu (F-10). It will take time for new types to be integrated into a large number of mods.

Another good-to-know: The debug menu spawns “test flights” with incomplete information compared to a “real” commercial flight. If you’re not used to this it may seem like some elements are bugged. Feel free to report visual bugs encountered with the pack, but know that a given type won’t be truly polished until an airline mod is trying to release aircraft with it.

A huge shoutout to @dawed : he’s been the long-time curator of the community MDKs, and has already put a lot of work into co-curating the aircraft pack and the MDKs associated with the new types.

Other Important Changes in 2.3:

  • Airlines have definable properties in the airline.json file now. These are documented here.
  • Turnaround service success detection has been reworked. Services are considered successful unless otherwise specified. This means I have to play whack-a-mole to make sure I trigger a “failure” in every fail condition for every service. This isn’t ideal, but at least means that when I don’t to catch something the flight still leaves.
  • Custom turnaround times are more uniform (from the airlines) and more tied to aircraft size than before. Player input is also taken and saved differently. Should be more stable and feel a little crisper.
  • At least one cause of the “I subscribed to a bunch of workshop mods and now some of them don’t load correctly” bug has been identified and corrected.
  • Version number now contains the actual build number. This makes sure versions are unique and sequential. Mostly helpful in the pre-release stage.
  • Added system for importing fully-new aircrafts.
  • Added data structure for new aircraft including placeholders for future functionality.
    • (New aircraft are available via separate workshop mod)
  • Added an as-of-yet unused system for dynamically rescaling aircraft.
    • Vanilla aircraft are not all to a uniform scale; this system can correct this
  • Added data structure for airline behavior modifications.
    • Functionality extends the existing airline.json file
    • Tag airlines as cargo-only
    • Tag airlines to operate only in home country(s)
    • Assign multiple home countries
    • Assign forbidden countries
    • Assign a differnt fleet of aircraft based on tweaks install status (usefull for newly added aircraft)
    • (InDevelopment: assign HUB IATA codes and max ranges from hubs, other hub rules)
  • Added data structure to save/load some additional data per each commercial flight.
    • Save/load utility is credit to humoresque
  • Replaced the flight types system with a more robust system.
    • (in the future may be user/modder-definable in json)
  • Reworked turnaround service progress tracking to take advantage of the ability to save and load data.
    • Hopefully fixed some bugs with stuck turnarounds and emergency flight turnarounds
    • Aircraft on small stands should not request services that are unavailable to them
  • Reworked turnaround time user-interaction and airline interaction.
    • Implements a new aircraft size rule set that will see increasing use in future
    • Consisitent 5-minute jumps on mouse scroll
    • Minimum separation setting is respected
  • Subscribing to more than 50 workshop mods no longer causes mods beyond the 50 oldest to fail to load.
  • Patch to ensure cargo aircraft remain on stand now applies only to cargo aircraft.
  • Depreciated some old settings.
  • Re-factored and reorganized much of the code base.

Manual Download Beta Version

One Last Thing

I am currently living off savings, looking for a job as an engineer. I am unemployed, and have been for longer than expected. This project means a lot to me. If it means something to you, this moment is one in which I would be especially grateful for a little support. Buy me a coffee?


This week just keeps getting better :slight_smile: . Another massive milestone for code-based modding and tweaks! Great job. :+1:

Workshop Dependency?

Ohh yeah, what do yall want me to do with the workshop dependency now? Will all airlines use 2.3.x so should I use that number? Or will some still use previous versions? Also if anyone involved in this project wants contributor access to that workshop item I’ll add you, just give me a DM (added you Zekew)


I hoped to finish B737-900/Max 9 and Max 10 before the release but hadn’t chance to… Those will come soon!

Yet there is no mods on our side done, but we will work hard on it!
The MDKs are available for all new aircrafts current PS only, Gimp support is comming next days…

For MDK, contact the ACEO Modding Group


Congratulations. A know just how much work goes into making a plane. She’s a pretty girl indeed.

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just a important info for Airline MODsUsers:
the MODs will be mostly compatible with vanilla game… you will only miss those new planes then!
expection can be if there are mods that use only one of the new planes with not any similar vanilla plane…

Can you elaborate a little on that? Is this the system of Operating Classes you mentioned in post 214?

Thank you for your great work on this mod, it is definitely appreciated.

Wondering about a wiki/guide, I saw a new colour on the demanded services, in this case I saw A “yellow fuel drop” What does this indicate? Is there some kind of short guide to what the different colours mean? :slight_smile:

As currently implemented, yes, it is very close to the system from that post.

What’s more interesting in my opinion is that each of those is defined in a very JSON-friendly format. So while the current system is a hard coded version of that spreadsheet, in the future additional flight contract types can be included with individual mods. The idea being that if a given airline’s operations don’t fit one of those “templates”, the template can just be overridden. More on this down the line though, when this feature is actually released.

Wiki is quite WIP. As you noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

Grey, Yellow, and Orange indicate that the aircraft might use a service you don’t currently offer. Orange is the most severe of these, corresponding to a demanded service which will cost reputation if failed. Yellow is less severe, a missed opportunity to gain reputation. Grey is even less severe: the airline would use it but doesn’t really care.

Beyond that, white is requested and incomplete, green is success, red is failure.


Love the update! :slight_smile:

I have one issue that I know was is the last version also, but this time something has changed. Even If I only book flights that request baggage, the value still always goes to 0% even if all scheduled flight receive their bags and thy have request for baggage handling.

Go ahead and DM me a save file; I won’t have time to work on it for a week or so; but I am eager to finally kill this one.

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Yeah, that would be amazing! :smiley: Will do!

Do I have to start a new game to get the mod working properly?