[Mod] AirportCEOTweaks 2.1.3: Headwind

Short answer yes; in the future.

Longer answer: I stated out trying to integrate this along side each new feature. This was problematic because a lot of features interact heavily, and I was having to separately bug-test each possible combination of settings.

A lot of the principles of good coding that professionals learn in school are designed to avoid these inter-dependency issues between systems. Unfortunately I have not been formally educated in computer science and am learning these lessons the hard way, but I am learning.

What I plan to do is that when a given feature is “mature” (ie complete, mostly bug free, and written in a way that I don’t anticipate having to change); I will then go in and try to make as many elements of that feature configurable as possible. Unfortunately at the moment there are basically no features for which this is the case today. I do plan on making a couple toggles in a soon-to-come release, but it won’t be very granular for some time.

Edit: to see the available options now and in the future press shift-F10.


Is there any chance of potentially adding FBOs as well? Just to sort of make GA less of a nuisance and more of a potential real money maker?

I’ve thought a fair bit about this part of your question, less in terms of FBO’s specifically as you describe in your other thread and more as a general thought. Part of that is that I am not super familiar with how FBO’s operate, so its hard for me to think about how to work them into the game.

I do see a need for something in between the current passive GA and the manage-every-detail commercial flights. I’d love to build a system for myself where its reasonably easy to set up “special” airline/air-operator contracts with requirements that are quite different from the usual mainline stuff. For instance a company could base a plane out of a hanger (which they lease from you as part of the contract) at your field and be entitled to a certain number of takeoffs and landings per day/week; those takeoffs and landings working more like GA flights where the player isn’t very involved.

The direct answer to your question is that I’m open to it but don’t have an adequate vision in mind for how to pull it off (both in terms of making it fun and engaging and in terms of how do I actually program this). There’s also a lot of stuff in the que ahead of this, so its certainly not happening in 2022 for example.

An FBO pretty much provides GA aircraft with all the services required to fly including fuel.

Yeah, FBOs provide fueling, terminal services (which are far more luxurious than a regular terminal), maintenance (depending on the FBO), as well as they rent out parking for GA aircraft. So like you described ideally that would allow aircraft to be based at your airport. Plus, on a cool aspect, this would probably allow big GA aircraft to come in like Gulfstreams and stuff.

What’s really missing is a small shuttle bus (Like a VW Sprinter) carry at least the pilot to the plane. No matter if only GA or FBO.

Imagine something like a private aviation terminal. :heart_eyes:

Say, we have the Service vehicles in the code, don’t we? What if this will operate similar?

Let’s brainstorm:
Pilot arrives at airport and needs to pass vehicle checkpoint. From there, he waits at a “shuttle bus” stand similar to a taxi stand. A Sprinter or similar vehicle will fetch him and drive him to his plane. Operation at the stand will work similar like ramp agents getting to their job only with the difference that the pilot is delivered and enters the plane. Vice versa for pilots arriving.

Bonus thoughts: let there be parking lots inside the service area zone where the pilot can park his car (or can be picked up by one). Alternatively, we could build a zone like “staff zone” but call it “pilot zone” and put couches, tables and food/drink machines and toilets there. Pilots will spend their time there until they leave again to their plane.
Last, but not least, the GA could request repairs and maintenance as service and will go to a stand first to get fuelled, but then go to a hangar to get repairs and a service round. Pilot pickup car would go to the hangar instead to deliver/fetch pilot.

Now…this COULD be done like this, but what is possible with the existing code?

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Note to airline modders:

The route generation update is on the horizon and will make use of the countryCode entry in the airline.json. If this is left empty, the airline will behave as a vanilla one, with routes to and from anywhere. If you would like your airline to generate flights with at least one end point in the home country, make sure the entry is present.


I knowwww. That and the possibility of cargo excite me so much. Cause imagine you could start with cargo, then move onto FBOs, then move onto passenger traffic. That would be fun as hell

Cargo is already part of the Tweaks.