[Mod] Airport CEO Custom Buildables 1.0.1: Building the Basics

Download - UMod Framework (Use this if possible)
Download - Google Drive (This may be wonky with auto-update)

If this is your first time downloading Code Based Mods, please read the instructions below! Thanks :slight_smile:
Also, I’m in the process of writing posts, uploading stuff, and connecting links, so be patient.

My Note

Hi everyone! This has been a long journey and a long time coming… I’ve been developing this mod since about July/August 2022, on and off, slowly cobbling together features and systems. I would like the thank both @zekew11 and @Hap0vecXD for getting me into this and for their support. I would also like to thank the modding community in general for putting up with me and my (sometimes very dumb) questions. Now let’s get on with it! :sweat_smile:


Airport CEO Custom Buildables is a code-based mod that allows you to create decorative items in-game from JSON files and PNG images. You can set a variety of settings for each item including shadows, cost, size, how it should be constructed, etc. Items mods can be inputted through a new folder created by the mod, through a mod in the native mods folder, or (most importantly) come from steam workshop mods! This allows anyone with Custom Buildables to easily download an item and use it in the game. Items persist over save-load and can be added at any time, like company mods. The mod also supports multi-floor placement and outdoor placement. Items function like plants in-game.


Download & Installation

This mod is installed via the UMod Framework. This allows mods to inject code into the game at runtime without modifying or redistributing Apog Lab’s code. UMod Framework can be downloaded HERE. Mac users should follow the workaround instructions HERE (This page contains detailed installation instructions).

You can download this mod quickly from HERE and hit the “Install” button. Mac/Linux users will need to instead use the “Manual Download” option and follow the tutorial on this page (under installing mods for MacOS)

Using Mods

(The topic that’s will be linked here is in the process of being written, so be patient)
For non-item-mod-developers, you only have to download a mod that is marked as needed ACEO Custom Buildables from the steam workshop, enable it, and then play. You can find a list of all available item-mods in this topic (currently N/A). For item-mod-developers, see that topic (N/A currently) for info on that.


There will most likely be bugs with the mod. Some known bugs are:

  • When the monetary unit is not dollars, the value does not adjust to the new currency, is still the raw input value (1.0.2 predicted patch)
  • Using the template tool will result in the item returning to a normal plant
  • Some text will not translate to a different language. Umm yah, what did you expect?

Please report any bugs in this thread! I, similar to all other modders, will try my best to fix any bugs that are present, but I have limited time on this project. So fixes may take a while to come, and they may never come for minor issues.

As with all code-based mods, don’t report bugs to developers while the mod is enabled! Make sure the issue occurs when the mod is disabled before reporting, and report with the mod disabled. Make sure to always state if you are using a mod when you ask for help!

Other Information

Compatible with: - ACEO Tweaks (Untested), - ACEO Sticker Fix (Tested)
Incompatible with: - Negotiable Turnaround Time and Autoplanner settings (This is a different type of code-based mod)

Source Code

Source code is not necessary for you to run the mod, but is available for transparency and so that people who want to help can. It is accessible here (psst source code may update before the mod does so if you want to see upcoming features… :wink:)



  • Bug Fix: Incorrect paths for mac due to “\” instead of “/”, causing entire mod to fail


  • Epic: All basic systems work
  • Feature: Steam Workshop downloading option
  • Feature: Save - Load compatibility

Trello (WIP, it’s mostly empty right now)


While topic writing is underway: These are 3 mods that you can download to test the mod and or play with!


Awesome work!
Hope to mod something soon


Awesome work, well done.


Version 1.0.1

  • Bug Fix: Incorrect paths for mac due to “\” instead of “/”, causing entire mod to fail

Roll-out status: :green_square: UMF updated, google drive updated, post updated, github updated, trello updated

Thanks for @faebue for helping me find and fix this bug! Also thanks to all the people who have downloaded the mod. Till next time, cya. :grin:


Super cool project! Like modding back in the days, if the devs can’t provide out-of-the-box support for modding you force it in yourself! :smiley:


Hi, thank you for creating this. I’ve been doing a very simple version of this by just making my own stickers. Haha, seems too silly now since this is leagues better.

One request though if you don’t mind, is it possible to provide manual downloads for objects available for GOG players like myself? Thank you for keeping the game interesting either way!

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To be clear: I’m supportive of providing manual links…

You should also know that there are ways to download from the workshop workout owning the game on steam. It can be a hassle, but the api is built in a way that allows it without an account even.

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I think I vaguely remember trying something like that when “those websites” stopped working but if I’m not mistaken, I wasn’t able to make it work. I’ll look up how to do this and try again. Thanks for the reminder!

Edit: Oh, I just remembered what I previously tried and just found out the author stopped supporting/developing the tool. I’ll try to have a go with the SteamCMD method.

Or ask one of us from the ACEO Modding Group, we can provide them to you

My plan for how browsing custom items (and more in the farrish future) is the following: There will be a separate topic here on forum for buildable creation and finding buildables. This topic will contain links for buildable creators to resources to start making buildable, including a guide for JSON and how to get started. It will also contain a link to a spreadsheet with links to all official buildable mods. You can sort by name, type, and creator, and it will have a direct drive link and a workshop link. This will allow GOG users to find buildables just as easily as steam users. Anyone who makes a buildable mod (and asks) will be able to edit the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet I was mentioning is now available here, you can find direct downloads there.

I’ll try to finish that topic as soon as I can and feel comfortable. Also, I am sorry that I have to make two topics for my mod, but it’ll be so much simpler in the future when buildables has more features.

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