Military Landing Contracts

Hello CEOs!

So I’m not sure if this applies to all airports, but my local airport sometimes allows the landing of military aircraft and while I’m not 100% sure the reasons for this, I’m guessing that it is for refuelling or from what I’ve read online about it civilian airports have a different landing procedure to military and so they are sometimes used as training pilots to land with both systems.

Anyway! Whatever the reason I have thought through some ways of implementing such a system into the game although it would require some of the currently under development systems to be complected for it to work as intended, but all of that is explained below.

The Contracts
Government contracts outlining that X amount of military aircraft will land per day/week. These flights will not be scheduled and operate similar to the GA landings in that regards. Aircraft can vary from fighter jets to large troop/cargo transport craft which should also be explained in the contract.


  • Your airport will require a minimum security score to be offered these new contracts.
  • New, secure hangars and parking spots for the aircraft. A smaller one for fighter jets and a larger one for the cargo planes.
  • Ability to refuel the aircraft as they land and the ability to unload luggage from troop transport planes.

Special Events

  • Emergency landing request that must be accepted or risk contract being voided. If accepted any flights due to land get delayed to allow for the new landing.
  • Sabotage attempted by anti-war protesters. This can range from a single person to a small group who attempt to break through security to damage any military planes currently parked at the airport. Successfully stopping it results in a reputation boost while failure drastically reduces your security rating, as well as possible fees to cover any damage.

Risks & Rewards

  • In addition to the usual fees charged by the airport, the contract can also include a completion bonus for the contract being completed fully.
  • In the event of the security rating dropping below the minimum required then the contract is immediately made void and any fees applicable must be paid.
  • Repeated completion of contracts results in better, more lucrative contracts being offered as well as different types and amounts of aircraft. Failure obviously results in the opposite happening.

These are just the basics of the idea I had in mind and I’m sure that if there is interest in it then we can work as a community to further flesh it out, assuming the developers are interested in implementing it too. I’ve really enjoyed my time playing this game so far and it has quickly becoming one of my favourite simulation/tycoon games which I would like to thank the developers for producing in the first place.


I like this idea a lot and the Airport about 5 miles from my house (Mcghee Tyson Airport for Knoxville) has military aircraft stationed at it. Its mostly refueling planes but there are always a few fighter planes there as well. Also fun to see them darting around.

Anyway just wanted to say I like the idea and it certainly has it roots in reality. :slight_smile:

As the game develops in the future it would be cool to be able to incorporate a military area of the airport as some airports share facilities with the military! (a couple of ideas for it below)

*Military contracts that send troops and supplies in large carrier planes
*Special secure zones that need extra security for personnel to enter
*Large hangars for storing military carriers
*Jets that need to be scrambled at short notice! (an extra challenge)
*Service hangars for military planes to be serviced while out of action
*Emergency Aid contracts to send supplies to disaster stricken places

There’s so many possible new things!!!

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You will need to see an real life example: Naha Airport ( okinawa airport). Sharing with the JSDF.

Love the idea and really hope it gets implemented the way you said it.

Would there need to be armorment stations and weponary warehousing as well?
I like what I’m hearing.

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