Metro Passenger walk up the stair and immediately back down

Hey got an issue with the metro. I see my passenger walk up and immediately back down. This cause my shop to have a significant lack of customers. Anyway to resolve?

The two times I’ve had that experience, the big issue is that there’s a huge lack of transport structure, so your passengers are arriving so late that by the time they spawn, they’ve already missed their flight, so they also leave immediately. Try checking your network, and if you’re primarily using subways, check that each subway entrance takes about 60-70pax/h, or 90 at most. 100 seems to be the cap, aka if you’re getting like 105-106pax/h over a long period you can almost guarantee most of then will miss their flights in half an in game year


The situation is exactly as @xxLLboyboy1001 has identified! :slight_smile: I have nothing more to add.

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