Medium size planes do not leave the aircraft stand

After deboarding, refueling,…they do not start the boarding process, and the deboarding data turn to 0 again, so it wont move on.

there might be a fwe things:

  1. do you have a staircase truck?

  2. do you have enugh staff? i see no staff at the desk

  3. can your staff get through security? if you dont have it yet, build a separat security checkpoint and make it staff only, and then disable staff on all other checkpoints

does it help to upgrade the stand with a jetway?

Click on the ramp > ramp upgrades > construct jetway

Aaand, a lots of notifications in the top left. Lack of stair cars is for sure displayed there…

Since you’re talking about leaving the stand, do you have any pushback trucks? I don’t see any in the screenshot, but with the flight you selected, its dialog screen is blocking me from fully viewing if a pushback truck has arrived. Medium stands require pushback trucks, even though we all know most of these aircraft could pull a 180 to leave the stand. Would be awesome if there were medium stand without jetways that offer a departure method like this to save costs on pushback trucks, right @Olof, @Fredrik? :smiley:

How to do this in a simulation? As far as I know, there are mainly two reasons for pushback trucks in real life, even though aircrafts could reverse by themselves.

  • Noise reduction by law
  • Jetstream may damage things in front of the engines

So not every situation is legit for aircrafts to reverse by themselves.

I never meant to use reverse thrust to back up, my apologies. I meant something where you just turn 180 degrees when you leave, like a medium-sized small stand. There are some airports with stands like this. I would love stands where the aircraft can just pull forward to leave (more for GA flights).

i have seen reverse thrust to move backwards - also in game if you tell aircraft to leave straightaway - plane will reverse thrust to move backwards without pushback truck

Thank you all for your reply. I don’t have a staircase truck. The weird thing is it does not happen all the time, Some plane can move on, while some planes stuck here. If the staircase truck is the crux, why some of them can move on?

Staff is not an issue. But the ramp agent or staff just don’t go there.

I have pushback trucks so it should not be the problem.

Is it a must to upgrade the ramp in order to de-board the people?

Now I understand. Yeah, I already made such an suggestion once upon a time, when AirportCEO even wasn’t in Early Access then as there is a Airport with such stands “near” my location. These stands will need quite a lot of space though, still hope for them too. Don’t know if Olof or Fredric remember or still have these notes as it’s a long time ago.

Some of the aircraft type do not need the stairs, as they have their own stairs (smaller jets, turboprops).

That reminds me, I’ve always wanted an option to select which type of aircraft can use stands. Like all CRJs/Props to remote stands only, that way you don’t need a stair truck for the off chance the auto-scheduler puts a 757 there. @Olof, @Fredrik, thoughts?


Big Prop for that one. For now I just do this manually ensuring that only “small” medium airplanes park remotely. Would be great to have such parameter in the autoscheduler.

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I know I’m kind of late, and since others that replied before me have told you what’s wrong and you most likely have it resolved by now, I just want to give a quick tip. As a rule of thumb, for regular stands I always construct a jetway, and for remote stands I always have a stair truck assigned, so that no matter what people can board/de-board. And to answer your question, yes, you need jetways/stairtrucks in order for people to board/de-board.

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(should have specified stairtrucks and jetways are required for all jets except for the crj200 and 700 I believe, turboprops have a staircase built into their doors so they don’t need one. My point still stands, always have jetways/stairtrucks just in case.)

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