Medium Security Checkpoints should have higher throughput

With regard to airport layout/design, security takes up a LOT of space. In order to process the number of pax now possible with large stands, I propose that the throughput of medium security checkpoints be increased.


I agree with this as for a large airport I can get almost double the number of pax through small security stations, than i can with medium security checkpoints.

I never thought of this but you’re right! You need four staff members but you don’t even get double the throughput of a small security station.

But I think the security system as a whole needs to be reworked, which I’m sure will happen soon.


I remember seeing an option on the security checkpoints from one of the pre alpha videos that was related to how well pax were screened. So I assume we should be able to change that in the future. So high screening takes longer and less screening takes less time.

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Also we will get large security checkpoints in Alpha 35 and I assume all of them will be rebalanced.

That would be a very interesting game dynamic!

Ah, I don’t think I ever saw a mention of a large checkpoint. That could certainly help, as long as it doesn’t take up too much space!

Mitchell has shown them as 3d renders quite a few times.


I remembered that and was thinking of linking that topic, had no direct succes at finding it though…

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