Medium gates -international

Hi guys recently getting into this game after watching people play it for a couple of years.

With some of the latest updates and with international zones I have a few questions as I’m currently planning out a small airport And want to know if my ideas are possible.

Basically just to get started and learn the game properly myself (rather than from seeing others do it) I want to create a small airport similar to Thabes-Lordes in France.

It serves international and regional flights and the largest flights it handles are 737-800s (it’s runway and other services at airport can handle bigger but not interested in that)

Basically is it possible to have international with only medium gates, and also force international flights to use certain gates? (Even on outbound international)

Thanks in advance

It is possible to to get international flights on medium stands you’ll need to enable realistic stand mode in the game settings panel. It’s only on the in game one, not the menu one.

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant - thanks :slight_smile:

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Also, International flights will only use gates in the international zone as well.

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