Mayday situations

hey ceo Team , i just wanted to say that this game is just sick ,i would wish that u guys update the flightpanel that more airplains are able to dock then only 12 atm… another think i was thinkin about is a firestation,policestation and so on , because wouldnt it make it alot more intresting if airplanes actually crashin down or something because of bad working from secruity and ramp Agent or something like that ? im sorry for my bad english and i hope u guys understood my message :slight_smile:
thank u for the good work until now and Keep pushin guys :slight_smile:

“Incidents” is on the roadmap and will actually happen.
Right now other things will happen first, but it’s definitely being looked into :slight_smile:

That sounds good , thank u for u replay, but are u guys working on the legs too ? because at 12 airplanes at dock the game is legging really hard with maybe 2-3 fps :frowning:

Optimisation will obviously happen over time. The quality of your PC also affects the performance.

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