Marketing Feature

Okay, so this expands on my idea of advertisements, but this is the complete opposite. You would pay money to show advertisements of your airport on lets say a youtube channel, a new show, a Times Square Billboard ad. Who knows what you will invest! :money_mouth_face: In return of all your marketing campaigns, you will get a new number of consumers to your airport as well as the airlines! This could also have another staff type: MARKETER!! :slight_smile: As well as a new room: CONFERENCE ROOM!! :slight_smile: Actually, that was not that fun, but whatever! :crazy_face: Marketers could discuss plans on how to create commercials and discuss data on how well they are doing. They could also come up with plans to expand, such as what Heathrow and Hong Kong are doing. They would discuss plans to help you grow financially and operationally. If you don’t like what they made for their 8 hour shift, too bad. They get over time. Just kidding. :smiley: Sorry for the long post, but PLEASE VOTE IF YOU WANT THIS TO BE IMPLEMENTED TO THE GAME. Thank you for your time reading. :slight_smile: (If you did read of course, and if not :angry:)

God no. These things implicitly condone marketing as an acceptable part of our society.

It shouldn’t be - the entire purpose of marketing is to manipulate you into doing something against your best interests. It lies to you, it manipulates you, it does everything in its power to control you short of putting a gun to your head. Personally I don’t think that’s acceptable.

I mean, it won’t have a “put a gun to your head” kind of ad. Are they not supposed to manipulate you into buying things?

My point is that I don’t think marketing should be considered acceptable in the real-world (see above), and by having it in games (or other media) you’re basically condoning and endourising the real-world existence of it. (It’s worst in games where they actually create (fake) adverts to put in the game for “realism”).

I still think it would be a major part of any airport to grow.

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