Major lag spikes

After like 40 hours in a new game I started noticing major lag spikes. This mainly occurs when placing/removing zones, build doors over walls and especially when I use the demolition tool on foundations. (Demolishing while holding CTRL) The lag spike varies about 2 to 10 seconds. Currently, my airport has 1000-1500 pax which is not that many and I noticed that other even smaller save games have the same issue. Playing on default branch, version 7.1-5. Anybody recognizes this problem and perhaps has a solution?

I would suggest to switch to Experimental and try your save there. Maybe it’s better with that version and if not, you should send in a bug report and post the number here. :slight_smile:

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I just tried some stuff on the experimental branch and the lag spike seemed to be even longer than on the default branch. Made a bug report with the number ACEO-41905. Forgot to mention I use mods but disabling them did not help.

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Will have a look at it! :slight_smile:


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