Maintenance Workers/Staff & Mechanics

Feature request title: Maintenance Workers/Staff & Mechanics

Description: A game mechanic where staff have to maintain item’s around the airport such as runways, furniture, vehicles, buildings and so on. This would be accomplished in three parts, mechanics would service and maintain vehicles and planes in a maintenance bay/hanger, construction workers would maintain buildings, runways, taxiways, roads and furniture. Vehicles and planes could have random part malfunctions, and when discovered by service technicians, they would send the plane/vehicle to a mechanic bay/hanger for extensive repairs.

Why it should be implemented: Add more management depth to the game as well as adding more content, and expanding the economy of the game.

Extra Note: I know there are service technicians, they would do general service and inspections on vehicles/planes while mechanics would fix/repair broken vehicles and planes after incidents or parts failure.
Even if you guys decide to take the fast and simple option we can at least have runways, roads, taxiways and so on need staff to maintain them instead of just having us click a button.

I agree that if a chair needs to be repaired visually then so do runways, stands and roads etc

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