Mac Application Icon Not Showing

I downloaded the game from steam and it doesn’t show the icon in launchpad or applications. I keep downloading it and it doesn’t have an icon. Does anyone else have a weird icon instead of the official one? Not to be pesky or anything, I think it’s a bug though.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 6.29.40 PM

I’m a Mac user as well and see the icon, could be a local Steam issue. But maybe other new Mac users can confirm they cannot see the icon, then still it is probably a Steam issue and nothing to do with ACEO :wink:

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I too see it on my Mac… strange, are you on any special branch?

No It’s been like that since Alpha 31. I even tried to download it on another Mac and it still was like that. Also have the newest version of Steam

Try running disk utility. Repair disk. Could just be a broken bundle NIB file.

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I ran first aid but it’s all normal didn’t repair. The application problem is still there though

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