Looking back at your games past

It would be cool for players to see their airports progress. Like a timeline, players can take a picture of their airport, and list their accomplishments. Players will continue to do this, and will be able look back on the past and see what achievement they made from their past documentations.

This would be an optional in game thing, but could be posted to the forums. They would consist of
-a timeline, in terms of in game time
-achievements they want to remember
-a picture of the whole map and it’s layout which allows players to
see every detail.
-the player’s goals in the airports future.

This would make sharing your airport on the forum easier. This would also as such make the form very neat. Further more players can state what they have done and plan to do so they can see it, but also the forum can see it. This would make share designs and, some ideas simpler to post and understand.


Does anyone else think that would be cool?

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I like the idea of an in-game full map (high-res, so we can zoom in on details) screenshot that can be used in the forum when requested for support, this could be a photo option (button or shortcut key) in-game and then an option to share that on the forum directly and/or save in a chosen location for later sharing.

I see the timeline more as a local thing and not something to directly share on the forum, but maybe I misunderstood you on that. This could maybe be some configurable option (also in quality size) to make a full map screenshot when you save, or when you leave/quit the game, or every X minutes/hours. This will also be depended on your local storage :wink:


Do you like my idea though simple, yet would optimize the process of sharing airports on the forums.

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Puma what do you think though?

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As said above, the idea of an in-game option to make a full map photo would be a cool new feature. But let the community decide and add the two ideas as separate feature requests and see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would be nice to be able to make wideview pics without losing the details. Cause screenshots only go as sharp as your resolution.

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