Long queues for Car Pick up 🚗

Hello All,

I apologize if this issue has been brought up previously.

I have been having issues getting cars to arrive to pick up my passengers at the car pickup/drop offs. They’ve all reached max capacity and I’ve been trying to facilitate them by building more (which just gets maxed out) and have added subway stops on my main floor and -1 levels… those don’t seem to help as people are just lining up with no relief in sight.

Any suggestions?!

How many car drop offs do you have compared with the number of subways?

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My issue for road-side PAX interaction, is the road-inlet for the game; its capaciity is thé bottleneck for all road traffic on and off the flight area.

Hello @Olof, I have 67 car drop offs and 65 of them are completely full, and have 8 subway stations. (Four on ground level, four on lower level)image

Do you have any bus stops as well?

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I’m not sure how well Alpha 35 balances 67 car stops against 8 subway stations, it’ll get more extensively tested and rebalanced in beta but I would at this point suggest that you add more subway stations and see if that resolves your issue.

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