Limited-time/seasonal objects

This has been remotely discussed elsewhere… If you feel the need to merge this, go right ahead! :sunglasses:

I was wondering if you could build limited time objects, like a seasonal section of things to build. Say from December 1-January 31, you can put up some objects that are winter themed or shops or restaurants can put up winter banners and decorations, but at the end of the season or event period the objects will be taken down. This would be a cool feature, and some things might even improve passengers mood!

I suppose it depends in part on how seasons are included in the game. We have previously talked about having festivals like Christmas, and the problem is that no one festival is celebrated in every country of the world, so you’d have to account for Christmas and Thanksgiving in the USA, whereas a Chinese airport would have to adhere to their local festivals whilst not celebrating the previous two.

It would, though, be quite interesting to see a change in advertising and moods in the airport to correlate with seasons.

I would love to see shop and airport personnel put up Christmas threes and santa’s workshop in the terminal :sweat_smile:. I do get the point the fine gentleman above me makes but I don’t think we should stretch realism that far.

I can imagine that that would be added after the final release. What i do hope though is that you get seasonal equipment i.e. snow clearing and de-icing

That is an absolute must have!

China is soo keen on copying western culture that they’re also doing e.g. Christmas decoration - and sometimes forget to remove them afterwards.

de-icing is a must have… I would expect that in the first release! Seasonal equipment is also important, I mean things like banners, that are not important, but maybe to get the airport into the spirit of {Insert random holiday}

You are expecting a lot of things for early access.


The longer you wait, the more people expect :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody said you need to put it all in early access, but if you ever complain that you’ve run out of features to add then God help you! :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

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With us, they’ll never run out of features :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

i estimate the time they will run out of features to add will be … 2020 at the earliest :slight_smile:

Honestly, I am expecting a lot for early access. But, I think if you are in sweden and it is winter, wouldnt there be snow?

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