Limitation on airline contracts?

just a quick question. Would anyone know, whether there is a limitation on how many airline contract you can accept for one airport?
I’ve downloaded a lot of modded airlines and only a part of them will appear as contracts, even though I’ve go a 5 Star contact rating.

Thx for your help


Mods consume VRAM. So in the case your graphics card hasn’t much VRAM, it might stop loading further mods.

It’s recommended only to subscribe to the mods you really want to use for the airport you play on.

Also some of the big modpacks can be broken as they haven’t had any updates since 2019 when the game was in Alpha. Keep an eye on the upload and update date on the Steam Workshop.


Thank you for your information. I´ll have a look on the used VRAM while playing, since I only use a business notebook (Lenovo ThinkPad), running out of VRAM might be an issue. Also I´ll deactivate a few mods or check for there last update.

If you have less than 2 GB of dedicated VRAM the application may act unstable, anything above that however will keep the application running but indeed as Andy says the more mods you have the more performance you’ll need for a smooth experience.

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