LavendAir (The Lilcac Airline)

Airline Name: LavendAir

Airline Description: LavendAir is a fairly young low cost airline, founded by well known entrepreneur John Panniacci. It is growing fast, with its fleet now numbering 50. It operates A320s, the larger A321, the smaller Embraer 190, and uses ATR42s and ATR72s for domestic routes. The concept started when Mr Panniacci saw his son playing in some lavender, and somehow an airline was born. LavendAir is a low cost airline focusing on cheap fares, good value for money, lavender air conditioning, and anyhting to do with the colour lilac!

Airline CEO Name: John Panniacci

Airline Design Image:

OK, It’s not the best, but it’s a start. Good for a first try…

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